America’s Airports: The Threat from Within

The report “America’s Airports: The Threat from Within” issued by the House Homeland Security Committee, makes clear that only a two-pronged approach to combatting the ‘insider threat’ at airports – namely relying on people (background checks) and process (access control) — is leaving a dangerous gap in efforts to mitigate the threat. A truly comprehensive approach to preventing criminal and terrorist acts in airports must include threat detection technology solutions with multi-view X-ray and Explosives Trace Detection (ETD), paralleling those seen at passenger checkpoints around the world.

Targeted screening, which relies on the right technology solutions with portable capabilities, offers airport operators increased visibility into threats in their facilities. Furthermore, it provides effective deterrence while supporting continued operational efficiency and minimizing costs.

Most recently, in a focused effort to assist U.S. airport operators with the myriad complexities associated with employee screening, Smiths Detection has partnered with Miami International Airport in a first-of-its-kind employee screening pilot project. The MIA pilot, launched in January of this year, deploys latest capabilities in multi-view x-ray and explosive trace detection equipment placed in one of MIA’s industry-leading employee checkpoints. The pilot is designed to help develop a replicable concept of operations and demonstrate high-accuracy threat detection coupled with fast and efficient movement of employees through the screening experience.

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Daniel Gelston

Dan Gelston is currently the President of Smiths Detection Inc., (SDI) the US subsidiary of Smiths Detection. In this capacity as President, Dan is accountable for the US and Latin American business within SDI, leading three primary business units: its commercial unit, Security Systems; its specialized solutions unit, Defense Solutions; and its customer care unit, Aftermarket.

Dan joined Smiths Detection Inc. as President in March 2016. He brings to SDI a broad background, with 18 years of global leadership in the US military, Intelligence Community, and defense industry, including more than 12 years operating within SSA structures.

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