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The security checkpoint is a critical part of the kerb to boarding gate passenger journey and the correct strategy here can be pivotal to the broader operation of an airport

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Kevin Riordan

Head of Checkpoint Solutions

Superfast checkpoints – plausible or pipe dream?

The growth of passenger traffic is relentless and, despite many recent developments designed to drive efficiencies at the checkpoint, airports are already asking if the security process can be further streamlined and made significantly faster.  So what are the limits of current and emerging technology and how could it evolve whilst maintaining required security levels?

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Heiko Grohmann

Head of R&D Networked Systems

Integration provides the key to future proofing checkpoints and is undoubtedly the way forward. In addition to generating invaluable management data, software platforms already support emerging functions such as centralised screening and directed search.  Before long, it is likely they will also have a role to play in risk based screening and much broader data exchange.  There is huge potential for networking multiple national or international airports; and communication between HBS and checkpoints would improve security and provide further operational benefits.

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